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This beautiful hamlet which borders the evasi dry Zone is known as dummalasuriya an exceptionally rural surrounding

There you will enjoy the opportunity of experiencing the rural lifestyle of the Sri Lankan people also to witness their indulgences in traditional trades. if you wish you can even take part in their agricultural activities just for pleasure.

Depending on your choice you will get the opportunity to look up your own meal according to a Sri Lankan recepie guided by us a enjoy savoury tastes.

Also live in this place a family that sicks to the olden. Days style long cherished value just check how true they are in the light of scientific value of today.


Dummalasuriya is located on the border line of the semi dry zone in the north wester of Sri Lanka. 50km away from the airport. (BIA) an ideal location to immerse in rural serenity.


Ideal mode suggestable to enjoy visinity is on the peddal cycle. There we get opportunity to enjoy extreamly picturesscue placades and scapes of land of course. Not to miss the natural beauty that complement them. Also we find the fruit naturally grown which some they are peculiar to the area such as sugar apple, Bael fruits,..etc. of your curious in knowing the art of indulging in agriculture of course you will be welcomed for a safe and hearty session to participate. Endemic species birds too are not a rerity. surelly it will be a mind soothing experience.

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